• Audio Visual Design & Integration


From planning and design to supplier selection, project management, delivery and final approval, we provide professional, impartial, hands-on consulting and guidance for all your audio/visual needs, every step of the way.


Personal consultant and contractor coordination.


Strong relationships with architects and interior designers.

Project Management

Professional Project Management with full reports and updates.


Full project supervision, at every stage.

& Approval

Official certification of correct on-site design implementation.


We know that good planning means a faster, more cost-effective project for our clients.

That's why our team spends most of its time on the pre-planning process required to realize your project.


From choosing the right contractor to consulting with you on the exact equipment, we'll take you through every last step,

until every single project requirement is fulfilled in the most cost-effective, optimal manner possible.

Here's what you can expect

  • Preparation of programs & conceptual designs

    A simple but comprehensive overview of all required AV planning

  • Cost estimates

    Flexible, varied pricing custom-designed
    to your needs and your budget

  • Detailed design

    Plans, block diagrams and simple flow charts of the entire system

  • Bills of quantities

    An easy-to-read table of required equipment amounts

  • Infrastructure plans

    Detailed plans for the electrical contractor

  • Technical details

    Fine details for AV implementation

  • Contractor Analysis

    RFP analysis, consideration, quality review, conclusions and impartial recommendations

  • Site supervision and reports

    Supervision of the entire project from
    start to finish. Includes reports and final project approval.recommendations

AVDI is an audio visual, specialized lighting,
control and integration consulting firm.

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Founded in 2008 in Herzliya Israel, with over six decades of combined, international experience, the company provides its services to hotels, visitor centers, museums, office buildings, residential projects, transportation, churches,  stadiums, theaters, opera halls, retail outlets, coffee shops, interactive experiencesand cinemas.

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Covering every stage of a project, from planning and design to selecting the right supplier, project management, delivery and final approval, AVDI prides itself on a solid reputation for professional, impartial, down-to-earth, hands-on consulting.

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With great effort put into providing clients with every tool required for a successful project, AVDI works hard to achieve excellent results at optimal prices. From detailed, program preparation and conceptual designs to unbiased cost estimates, bills of quantities and comprehensive site supervision reports, AVDI provides professional guidance every step of the way.


  • Adi Peltinov

    Executive Manager

    Adi holds over 16 years of consulting experience in the commercial, residential and profession sectors. His project portfolio includes large venues, major hotel chains, visitor centers, recording studios, private homes and museums both in Israel and abroad. Starting out in the Israeli music industry as a Recording Sound Engineer, Adi also taught Sound & Acoustics in a leading Sound Engineering College in Tel Aviv for almost two decades.

  • Lev Shudler

    Audio Visual System Designer &
    Integration Project Manager

    Prior to joining AVDI, Lev served as Field Engineer and Project Manager at one of Israel's largest AV Integration companies where he managed projects at Google's Israeli offices, the NetApp R&D Center, Cisco headquarters, Coca Cola, Medtronic, the Knesset, ZIM, The Radisson Hotel in Bucharest, and more. Lev holds an MCTIP Certificate and vast hands-on experience in the planning and configuring of complex Videoconference Systems.

  • Gideon Kapan

    Audio Visual System Designer

    With over 25 Years of experience in professional sound engineering and sound design, Gideon was educated both in Israel at 'The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance' and 'The Royal Conservatoire Den Hag' Netherlands. With a strong background of positions in Studio Siund Engineering, PA Front-of-House Engineer and Sound System Design, Gideon's resume includes large musical and theater productions including 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Sunset Boulevard', Sound design for 'The New Israeli Opera' Electroacoustic design for theatres and concert halls.

  • Noa Sela

    Design & Drafting

    Noa Sela started as an Interior and Graphic Designer.
    Later she became a technical member of television productions at Globus Group, Israel's largest television and film productions studios. Following, Noa was appointed at Israel's leading Channel 2 broadcast (Reshet-Noga broadcast franchise holder) as a Logistics Manager of the post-production Editing Rooms and Technicians staff Manager.

Selected Projects

  • Teva Visitor Center

    Teva Visitor Center,


    AVDI was commissioned by Jerusalem Capital Studios, the leading private television production company in the Middle East, to design a complete audiovisual system for Teva's (Israel's largest pharmaceutical company) Visitor Center, located inside the Teva Factory, in Ramat Hovav, Israel. 

    The site includes several interactive games designed to educate visitors on the production process of medicines developed at the factory, with each visit culminating in an impressive 3D presentation on a large screen.  

  • The Conservatorium Hotel

    The Conservatorium Hotel,

    Amsterdam, Holland

    The Alrov Group hired AVDI as its audiovisual consultant for the renovation of an old historic building in the Museumplein, Amsterdam. Their vision: to transform the remarkable property into a super deluxe hotel.

    The Alrov Group emphasized the importance of music throughout the premises, including all public areas and bedrooms. This proved to be a huge challenge and one that involved the seamless incorporation of a diverse range of elements into the Italian architect's (Piero Lissoni) designs.

    AVDI delivered seamless, non-intrusive audio/visual in the hotel's public areas, restaurant, bar, lobby, meeting rooms, convention hall, corridors, bedrooms and suites.

  • The Templars Tunnel & Hospitaller Fortress

    The Templars Tunnel & The Hospitaller Fortress,

    Akko, Israel

    The Old Acre development company hired AVDI to design an audiovisual system that would enhance the site's visitor experience at both the Hospitaller Fortress and the Templars Tunnel in Akko, Israel.

    The Hospitaller Fortress
    The Hospitallers are a military, monastic order devoted to caring for the sick and to maintaining the personal safety of the pilgrims who flocked to the holy sites in Israel. They built a new center in the northwestern section of the city, adjacent to the northern wall of 12th century Acre.

    Templars Tunnel
    The Templars Tunnel was discovered in 1994 and then opened to the public in September of 1999.  Much work was required to make this site fit for visitors. First, dirt had to be cleared away, a pump system was installed to maintain fixed groundwater levels and lastly, a wooden path and lighting were fitted to accommodate visitors to the site.

    The Audiovisual system requirements were particularly demanding; the system would have to be particularly durable in order to withstand the harsh environment – high humidity and salt water. In order to achieve these goals, custom-made casings were designed to protect the video projectors.

  • Beit Hatfutsot

    Beit Hatfutsot –
    The New Core Exhibition,


    Beit Hatfutsot is undergoing a comprehensive renewal program which will culminate with the opening of the Synagogue Hall in 2015, and the New Museum in 2017. 

    AVDI was approached by Beit Hatfutsot for the technical planning and Consultancy of the audiovisual requirements for the venture.

    Part of the project was to support Breeze Creative, the 'experience specialists' to design and implement a children's gallery that would include a fully interactive experience for visitors to the site.  The gallery would have to be robust, vandal proof and totally self-explanatory due to its specific target audience; children without adult supervision.

    AVDI planned, consulted and implemented the audiovisual design, equipment specification and integration with lighting for the project.

    AVDI continues to provide technical planning consultancy for the New Core Exhibition's Synagogues Hall, New Museum of the Jewish People, Solidarity Atrium and Life Cycle Rendering exhibits.

  • Holon Children's Museum

    Holon Children's Museum,


    AVDI was contracted by the Holon Children's Museum to provide all of the audiovisual requirements for three of its most unique interactive exhibitions; Dialogue in the Dark, At Eye Level and Dialogue with Time. Each of the interactive exhibits is designed to take the child on a fascinating and educational adventure, with the participant, an active figure in the plot.  

    Dialogue in the Dark:
    Visitors are introduced to the rich sensory world hidden within each and every person.  In this exhibition, an unbiased encounter between blind and sighted people is created.

    At Eye Level:
    A children's experiential activity course about the arts offering a multitude of experiential activities. Everything takes place in a specially designed area divided into different spaces: theater, motion, music, art, and a gallery that shows changing exhibitions of original work by top artists.

    Dialogue with Time:
    An intergenerational dialog designed to change preconceived notions about old people and aging.  The tour is a continuous series of moving, entertaining and challenging situations, and is led by guides – both men and women – aged 70 and over.

  • Beer Avraham Visitors Center

    Beer Avraham Visitors Center, 

    Beer Sheva

    AVDI was contracted to design all audiovisual requirements for the Beer Avraham Visitors Center in Beer Sheva. A tourist center designed by architect Eli Armon, it is build over an area of 750 square meters and houoses a large courtyard. A venture with exceptional historical value, the legacy of Abraham represents three monotheistic religions and is mentioned in the bible.

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